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Kik Nudes / 34/f/cali selling pics and short vids on kik
« on: February 06, 2018, 06:02:09 AM »
$75 for 70 ish pics and 10+ vids(12 secs - 2+ mins)
$100 to include shit vids and extra piss vids and a few extra pics

15 pics for $20

$5 each:
2x soapy shower(one has 4 short vid sets of tits/ass and other is just ass/fingering), tits bouncing(2 vid set), brush handle(2 vid set),
2x light up toy sword(one anal/one not), spit on hand and put 4 fingers inside, 2x striptease/masturbation.
$7 each: 2x butt plug(one on knees/one on back), 3x piss(one standing/one laying/2 vid set piss in panties), 2x shit(one tub/one toilet).

Paypal preferred, but do have other options. Open to custom requests. No Skype, not really a fan of sexting.

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